Michelle Jackson Rollins, MSW is Founder/CEO of We Think 4 A Change.  She completed her Masters of Social Work in May of 2016 at Cleveland State University.  Jackson Rollins specializes in leading the organization through her keen expertise in community outreach, education facilitation, and working to increase awareness/reduce stigma surrounding HIV.  She works tirelessly to develop effective partnerships and strategic alliances with agencies, foundations, corportations, and other service partners, both locally and globally, that are committed to HIV Awareness.  Jackson Rollins has presented throughout the state of Ohio and nationally at various conferences and public events.  On the local level, one of her many professional partnerships includes her continued service to Garden Valley Neighborhood House through various grassroots HIV programs including advocacy initiatives, testing, resource pooling, and event management. Her advocacy work has also extended as far as South Africa through the organization South African Impact and her HIV education and healthcare service to to three Zulu villages. Jackson Rollins earned her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Cleveland State University in May of 2015, and is a proud resident of Northeast Ohio.

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Naimah ONeal is a Licensed Medical Social Worker at Circle Health Services where she works with people living with HIV and the interdisciplinary medical teams that provide care and support. Prior to this she worked as an HIV Test Counselor. Naimah has served as a member of the Ryan White HIV Planning Council several times since 2003. She is an experienced public speaker and has focused on sexual and reproductive health, supporting mothers living with HIV, HIV disclosure, advocacy and housing issues at events and educational forums. Naimah has blogged, written articles and educated on the journey of living with HIV, how stigma impacts people who are marginalized, social work policy issues and the complexity of HIV disclosure and how to approach it.


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